Author: Cilia Jaspers

The Tenshi series is co-authored by J. W. Ashley and April Oglesbee and will ultimately be published under the pen name Cilia Jaspers (a mix of the letters in our first names: Jessica and April-pretty cute, right?!). Every week, on Monday, beginning April 1, a new chapter will be available on Books with Benefits for free!

J.W. Ashley and April O. live in Taiwan. When they're not writing novels or blogging, they teach, scoot around the city, shop, and find new ways to be pleased about life. J. W. is constantly clicking away on her keyboard, sipping green tea, and eating chocolate covered almonds. April, on the other hand, bakes cookies, balances work and life, and does tree poses.

After earning their Master's Degrees in English Literature, J.W. and April decided to pursue their true love: H.E.A.'s. The first book in JW's paranormal series Into The Woods was released in October through F+W Media imprint Crimson Romance. JW Ashley (known to her friends as Jessica Wise) worked with the folks over at TED-Ed to create a video about How Fiction Can Change Reality, which was recently featured on Upworthy. April is also currently working with her business partner, Amber Gibbs, on their publishing and publicity business, BWB Press, to aid independent and self-published authors (as well as traditionally published authors) with their writing and publishing goals.

The first novel in the series, How to Date Japanese Idols, will be available September 2013! In January 2013, they began a YouTube series called Romance in Real Life: 100 Days of Romance Therapy.

JW and April are members of RWA and GRW.


An Idol Husband - The Tenshi Series, #2

An Idol Husband
  • Number: B00GFYH5XK
  • Release: 2013-11-03
  • Author: Cilia Jaspers
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Books With Benefits Press
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Bethany Danae doesn’t have a whole lot of luck. She has lost more jobs than she can count. She’s fallen into more tough spots than she cares to remember. But, possibly the worst of all, Bethany has been unable to break her 3-Date Curse–no man in her life lasts past the third date, no exceptions.

When Bethany loses yet another job, her therapist tells her she should think about starting over somewhere new to be more independent from her family. Bethany takes the suggestion and runs a mile with it, instantly deciding to head for Taiwan and her best friend, Eloise. Her best friend Eloise is about to be married…to a Japanese Idol. It’s Bethany’s job to work with the best man to help arrange the wedding in Japan.

But when Bethany meets the best man (another Japanese Idol), she begins to forget all about her plans to be a successful business owner and starts to think about finally breaking her 3-date curse…one way or another. By the time she thinks better of this new whim, she’s head over heels in trouble. For better or for worse, Bethany is about to face the music, the man of her dreams, and the fruits of her accidental labors.

How to Date Japanese Idols - The Tenshi Series, #1

How to Date Japanese Idols
  • Number: B00EXWBRA8
  • Release: 2013-09-01
  • Author: Cilia Jaspers
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Diverse Books, Debut Title
  • Publisher: Books With Benefits Press
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How does a sensible teacher at a foreign boarding school end up at a Japanese pop-idol autograph signing with a thousand screaming teenage girls? This is the question Eloise Bromleigh finds herself asking when she ends up in this very situation. Eloise has always struggled to find a home, and teaching abroad has been her path to finding it. When a beloved student introduces her to the wonders of a Japanese pop band, Eloise is hooked despite herself. When the same students begs her to go to a concert and get something signed, Eloise can’t say no. In the sea of screaming fans, Eloise presents one of the idols with an irresistable opportunity to slow down for a moment. When she charms him by chance, he grabs the opportunity to seek her out on her own turf. Eloise must struggle against his undeniable appeal to her mind, her heart, and, yes, even her body before he breaks down her defenses and leaves her just another screaming fan girl. His star power takes her to the edge of her world, and Eloise has to decide if she’s willing to jump. When all a girl wants is a place to call hearth and home, how does she date the light, bright, and sparkling allure of an idol?

* Writing as Cilia Jaspers. Co-authored by J. W. Ashley and April Oglesbee

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