Author: Chuck Walsh

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A Month of Tomorrows

A Month of Tomorrows
  • Number: B005JVSI8G
  • Release: 2011-08-29
  • Author: Chuck Walsh
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Mitchell Morris Publishing
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When Pete Swift is asked to write the life and times of Samuel Gable, he has no idea the depth of the river he has been asked to swim, nor where the currents are about to take him. Without regard, he pushes all else aside, including his family, as he is overcome by the waters of the past; waters which he sees as an undertow but in reality is a whirlpool that ends up shooting him up and out to a new life and fresh start.

One man's recollections of war, loyal devotion to God, country and family and determination to put it all into words, will pull from you every raw emotion and make you wish there were more like him.

This is based on a True Story

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