Author: Chris Walkowicz

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The complete Q & A Book on Dogs

The complete Q & A Book on Dogs
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  • Number: B003ZUY93G
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  • Authors: Chris Walkowicz, Bonnie Wilcox
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Cyberworld Publishing
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The Complete Q & A Book on Dogs has been built as an ebook, complete with links to the hundreds of questions asked and answered. Sections are Buying your Dog, Raising your Dog, and Living with your dog.

It’s not always easy to find knowledgeable answers to questions about buying, raising, loving, and living with dogs in today’s world. The authors of this 200 page book have managed to provide straightforward and practical answers to most questions that prospective and new owners are ever likely to ask, while always having the dog’s welfare at the forefront. The book also features delightful hand drawn illustrations.

Most of those who are lucky enough to share their lives with dogs know they are privileged, and do not take the relationship lightly. This books is for all of those people who feel this way about their dogs.