Author: Chris Garver

Tattoo artist featured on the TLC reality TV show Miami Ink™.


Color Odyssey - A Creative Coloring Journey

Color Odyssey
  • Number: 1942021976
  • Release: 2016-02-17
  • Author: Chris Garver
  • Genre: Art & Coloring
  • Tags: Arts, Crafts & Supplies, Coloring
  • Publisher: Get Creative 6
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From Chris Garver—in-demand tattoo artist, illustrator, and former star of TLC’s Miami Ink—comes a richly illustrated coloring book that explores the beauty of nature. With double-sided pages of mostly hand-drawn images, Color Odyssey features elaborate butterflies flitting among gardens of flowers, an octopus in the ocean waves, a fantastic elephant, and many other creatures. Garver’s stunning, intricate drawings will thrill grown-up fans of coloring books.

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