Author: Celeste Bradley

Hi, my name is Celeste Bradley and I write "brain chocolate." That is, I write fun and sexy escapism is for hardworking women everywhere. We deserve a little man-candy, too!

Reviewers like to say I write about misfit heroines getting the man of their dreams. Maybe that's true, but don't we all feel like misfits sometimes? Even if the rest of the world thinks we have all our balls in the air, aren't we juggling like mad on the inside, desperately trying not to drop one?

I'm the kind of woman who never truly has a clean house (not all at once!), who can't seem to have Christmas projects finished by Dec 25, who is stunned by how fast weeds can take over a perfectly well-behaved garden, who is mystified by high-altitude baking rules, who doesn't quite get the kids to the dentist appointment on time...well, you get the picture. Rather than having all my ducklings in a row, I just try to make sure none of the rotten little rebels are playing in the middle of the street!

I love this manic, scattered life I lead. I love to write, craft, garden, bake and mother, even if I don't always do it all perfectly. I love living in the Southwest, with its big sky and vast desert views. I love venturing out of my quiet life to meet readers and other writers, and then I love to come back to my haven, full of ideas and renewed passion and creativity.

Maybe one of those times I'll meet you!

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