Author: Catriana Sommers

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My Will

My Will
  • Number: B005890TH2
  • Release: 2011-06-25
  • Author: Catriana Sommers
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
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Cynthia felt the time had come to tell the young boy the truth of his name, and of the fateful day of his birth. Time to tell the story of her beloved Olivia, a beautiful and vibrant woman full of love and happiness. Friend, lover, wife, savior - she would have been a great mother had she survived. So, Cynthia pulls her little boy onto her lap and recalls the day ten years ago; of Cynthia's pain, Olivia's parting words, and a baby's powerful will to live despite his small and frail body. Today, the boy will learn why Mother's Day means so much to Cynthia.

A short story from our Nibs literary line.

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