Author: Carolynn Carey

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Bells Will Be Ringing - A Holiday Romance Collection

Bells Will Be Ringing
  • Number: B00GVHTWO6
  • Release: 2013-12-23
  • Authors: Carolynn Carey, Angelita Gill, Monica Tillery, Diana Jean
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Collections & Anthologies, Seasonal / Holiday
  • Publisher: Crimson Romance
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’Tis the season . . . to fall in love! In this quartet of holiday tales, mistletoe magic sweeps from a Philadelphia candy company to the ballrooms of Regency England, across the shores of a Hawaiian island, and to a snow-struck cabin in Colorado.

HER SECRET SANTA by Monica Tillery

Neighbors and coworkers at Morgan Confectioners, Rebecca Sinclair and Ben Redding, have been best friends since grad school. Will they be able to get past their fears of ruining their friendship when their feelings turn more than friendly? A holiday gift exchange might just bring the best present of all - Christmas love.


The winter holidays used to be Miss Merry Damonson’s favorite time of year . . . until her almost-fiancé Edward Everton abandoned her two days before Christmas. Now he’s returned to their country village, but is it too late to reignite old flames? A holiday ball might just offer these unlucky lovers a second chance.


Humbug in Hawaii? When Clara O’Fallen gets a promotion to paradise, she can’t help feeling homesick for her Wisconsin winters, complete with real snow, family traditions, and Christmas festivities. But smiling surfer Kai Schmitt might just show this scrooge how to hang loose and catch the spirit of the season - the aloha spirit!

GAVIN FEVER by Angelita Gill

A sudden snowstorm unexpectedly strands Julia Winthrop with her ex, reality TV star Gavin Beckett, at a cozy mountain cabin for the holidays. Trapped till the weather lets up, their attraction resurfaces. It’s not long before they realize their fling might’ve been the real thing, and this surprise reunion might just be a Christmas miracle.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

My Elusive Countess

My Elusive Countess
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 9781419937170
  • Release: 2012-03-22
  • Author: Carolynn Carey
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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Garath Melbourne, sixth Marquess of Blackbourne, returns from Waterloo to properties in disrepair and to assume guardianship of his dead friend’s son. Blackbourne is prepared for anything—especially for the chance to finally face the conniving widow who drove his friend to the battlefield to escape her machinations. What he is not prepared for is a woman of surpassing beauty who is the exact opposite of what he expected. Blackbourne swears to make her pay for her past sins…in his bed.

For fear of losing her son, Amanda, Countess of Willowvale, has no choice but to succumb to the wishes of her late husband’s friend, Lord Blackbourne. But Amanda is fighting more than the legality of her circumstances. Vowing never to involve herself with another carousing, gambling and irresponsible man of the ton, she’s dismayed to discover the marquess irresistible. Love is not an option…but perhaps taking on a lover is.

Cotillion Christmas Spirits

Cotillion Christmas Spirits
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9781419923913
  • Release: 2009-12-03
  • Authors: Barbara Miller, Anthology, Jeanne Savery, Larissa Lyons, Carolynn Carey
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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 6-author anthology

A Christmas Spirit of Forgiveness
Carolynn Carey
A freak snowstorm and a mysterious lady in red combine to lure Anna Marshall away from her home and into an encounter with the notorious Earl of Ashington. Marooned on his country estate, the two discover a mutual attraction that both realize can lead nowhere. After all, he prefers life in London while she has reason to avoid the city and her aristocratic relatives who reside there. But Christmas is approaching and with help from the lady in red, the couple eventually find that by accepting love and forgiveness, they can possess the peace and joy that the season promises.
Dreams of Christmas
Barbara Miller
Sarah Pelham is led by the spirit of Christmas past to dream about her missing twin and sets out in a snowstorm to find her. Lord Vance is led by the same spirit to take shelter at the inn where Sarah arrives, and discovers she is the girl of his dreams. Vance is determined to help Sarah complete her mission so she can then marry him. The spirits of Christmases present and future also have a hand in ensuring the couple’s happy ending.
Bride of Belznickel
Kate Dolan
Hannah Brown is forced to spend the Christmas holidays far from home with cousins who ridicule her at every opportunity. To get revenge, she tries to scare them by making up stories about the Belznickel, the Christmas demon.
Then her stories start to come alive…
Jenna’s Eternal Lover
Jeanne Savery
The late Lord Everston’s lover wanted to join him in eternal bliss from the moment he died. But instead of achieving her own happiness, Jenna was required to help his lordship’s heirs find theirs.
Now Jacob, Sarah, Patrick and Roman have true love and it is Jenna’s time to join her deceased lover. It is also Christmas and all the families celebrate it together. Though grieving for Jenna, they still have reason to celebrate the season—the knowledge that true love can survive even death.
Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord
Larissa Lyons
Dominated by her father’s rigid ways since a twist of fate stole her sight, Isabella uses the magic of Christmas to steal away for an adventure of her own when invited to join friends for the holidays. Oh, how she adores Christmastime!
How he abhors Christmastime! Lord Frostwood lives up to his name, freezing out everyone since a childhood tragedy hardened his heart. Everyone, that is, until a spirited wench falls at his feet and proceeds to warm his cold existence, thanks to some strategically placed mistletoe and their resulting Christmas kisses.

A Cotillion Country Christmas - Traditional Regency Romance Anthology

A Cotillion Country Christmas
  • Stars
  • Number: 9781419918742
  • Release: Out Now
  • Authors: Cynthia Moore, Barbara Miller, Amy Corwin, Carolynn Carey
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Cerridwen Press
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A Christmas Surprise
Cynthia Moore
Julian Astor, Viscount Bentley is forced to marry Miss Clara Seaford in order to pay off a large gambling debt owed to her father. A misunderstanding on their Christmas Eve wedding night and Julian’s subsequent trip to India with Clara’s father, means their marriage begins awkwardly.
Miss Clara Seaford, now Viscountess Bentley, has loved Julian since she first saw him at a debutante ball several years before they were married. Clara struggles with the problem of how best to show Julian her love for him now that he has returned home for the Christmas holidays.
A Tradition of Love
Carolynn Carey
Alethea adores the traditions of Christmas, so it comes as an unpleasant shock to hear Robert, her new husband, declare that he has no time for such trivialities. No Christmas Candle? No Wassail Bowl? No Yule Log? Alethea is horrified, but she’s also ready to face the challenge presented by her husband’s attitude. With three weeks to go before Christmas Eve, she’s determined to find a way to teach her solemn husband to accept help with his responsibilities and to join her in creating their very own Christmas traditions.
Christmas Mishaps
Amy Corwin
According to superstition, if a woman is the first to step over the threshold on Christmas morning, she is a harbinger of misfortune. After her sister elopes with Caroline’s betrothed, Caroline ignores the warning. Two miserable years later, she’s determined to unite the family for Christmas. Unfortunately, her visit coincides with the unexpected birth of her sister’s first child, raising the specter of the old belief. And Caroline causes more mishaps attempting to make amends.
Then Lord Edward Masters offers aid, on his terms. She can accept his Christmas gift of love or suffer the consequences.
Country House Christmas
Barbara Miller
A scarred veteran of the Peninsular War, Richard Trent feels useless at his father’s estate until Diana Tierney’s arrival brings laughter back into his heart. While she is painting his long overdue portrait, he realizes that Diana is no longer a child and he is falling in love with her. Diana has always suspected her sister ruined Richard’s life by jilting him and prompting him to join the army. She hopes this Christmas she can solve the mystery of his departure and that he will realize she has more than sisterly feelings for him.