Author: Carole E. Barrowman

I was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, which explains my inherent cheekiness and my sophisticated sarcasm gene. In the late seventies, my family immigrated to America where I've made a career out of my passions: reading, writing, and teaching.

I'm a professor of English and the Director of Creative Studies in Writing at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where, among other things, I conduct a seminar on the art of the mystery. I've been teaching at Alverno for over twenty five years (I began teaching when I was em... 14).

My crime fiction column runs every third Sunday in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. My reviews also run regularly in The Minneapolis Star Tribune.. Oh, and I'm a regular contributor on books to WTMJ4's The Morning Blend (Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate).

My essay "Time is Relative" is part of the HUGO winning anthology "Chicks Dig Time Lords."