Author: Carol Van Atta

Carol Van Atta is no stranger to the written word. She penned her first novel at the wee age of seven, somewhat terrifying illustrations included. Her increasing love for both reading and writing kept her busy growing up. She was often spotted with her nose in a book or a pen in her hand. (She's graduated to a Kindle and a computer) Carol was first published in her high school newspaper, and then moved on to magazine articles, "real" newspaper articles, anthologies, devotional books, and then to book books. With a background writing for the inspirational market, her sudden urge to write paranormal romance and urban fantasy was somewhat surprising. She believes this latest fancy was the result of two suspicious red marks on her neck, and an overwhelming desire to howl at the moon. She lives in the rainy wetlands of Oregon with her teenage daughter, her American Eskimo, Stryder, and three cats.