Author: Carl Hose

Carl is the author of the anthologies "Deadtown and Other Tales of Horror Set in the Old West," Fematales Unleashed," "Dead Horizon," the zombie novella "Dead Rising," and the erotic anthology "Pornocopia," all published by MARLvision Publishing.

Carl's work has appeared in the zombie anthology "Cold Storage," which he co-edited. His work has also appeared in "Champagne Shivers 2007, "DeathGrip: It Came from the Cinema, "DeathGrip: Exit Laughing", the horror-romance anthology "Loving the Undead," the erotic paranormal ghost anthology "Beyond Desire," the "Book of Tentacles", "Through the Eyes of the Undead," "Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets," and several issues of Lighthouse Digest.

Carl's poetry appears in the zombie poetry anthology "Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes."

Carl's nonfiction has appeared in The Blue Review, Writer's Journal, and the horror film essay anthology Butcher Knives and Body Counts.

Carl lives in Florida with his beautiful wife Marcella and their three boys. 



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  • Author: Carl Hose
  • Genre: HOT Romance
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There’s nothing fluffy or flowery about this collection of super-dirty adult stories. The 38 tales offered in Pornocopia cover a wide variety of sexual tastes and situations. Every story in here is explicit and well plotted. Includes the Christmas classic “Santa’s Stockings”, the outrageously humorous “Cupid’s Confession (the Little Prick with the Big Bow), and sex with female pirates in the Bermuda Triangle-inspired “Pirotica.” Other stories included are the ghostly “My Doll” , in which a realistic sex doll becomes a man’s dead wife for one more night of pleasure, “Irish Cream”, in which a trip to Ireland leads to kissing more than the Blarney Stone, and “Eating Peaches”, where peaches aren’t the only sticky thing in Georgia. If you like your porn with plot, this is the collection for you.

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