Author: CH Scarlett

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Bound By Blood: The Awakening

Bound By Blood: The Awakening
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  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: CH Scarlett
  • Genre: HOT Romance
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  • Publisher: Dark Roast Press
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There was a time within the awakening of the world TERAH when mortal and immortal lived together in harmony. Realms opened to other realms. Portals were but an open entrance to the next dimension, doorways which were never closed. When the Great Goddess was heard clearly and had voice, the Great God looked proudly down upon this entire world and had for it an ear. Such things were known and cherished in the initiation of the world TERAH. Such things are forgotten about now-- by some but not all. Some remember them always.

Samanthra Lampir is High Priestess of twelve powerful and ancient bloodlines, which consist of Strygi, a type of immortal vampire-- and Lycãon, a wolf sharing soul with a male or female human. She has great respect for the Old Ways and their laws. It was her vow when she took her title to restore them to her people. But alas, it seems that the Evil bloodlines, which desire the destruction of her world and its realms have become stronger. Her bloodlines are becoming extinct. And the Awakening that she has struggled to prevent because of an age long curse has been triggered, by the return of someone even more cursed…Dareus Dracura, the thirteenth bloodline, Father of the Blood.

Dareus returns to TERAH to find his bloodlines and their realms attacked by an unseen and unnamable force. He is the only one who can protect them, restore them and end this phase of madness and destruction. But in order to do so, he needs his High Priestess at her full power. The problem is that she will not welcome what all others before her have willingly, an Awakening-- which he deems will free her and she deems will be her end, and the end of those she loves most.

Can they find the source of Evil’s power, the Dark Matter, before it is too late? How many realms and lives will die before they do? Will Samanthra Awaken, and if she does, what will become of her and those who will be affected by the curse? Will Dareus even give her a choice for the sake of his blood?

Enter a world before Earth was even thought of. Discover the master bloodlines and the missing link to what humans are now. Walk through the pagães of time without becoming trapped by its enchantment-- or can you? Awaken within yourself what those in this novel must first awaken in themselves. Discover the past of TERAH and the true beginning of all things which existed and still exist, if you can handle such truths-- can you? If you can then let your journey begin!