Author: C. K. Ralston

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Judy Gets It All

Judy Gets It All
  • Number: 978-1-55487-460-6
  • Release: 2010-02-07
  • Author: C. K. Ralston
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: GLBTQ+, * SPICY: Multiple Partners
  • Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc
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Judy's back - The two hottest girls in the city are back and more together than ever, but this time, they intend to land their billionaire!

Gorgeous Judy Detwieler is very much in love with her voluptuous girlfriend, strip club owner and exotic dancer, Linda, but the two of them have a problem--they still enjoy sex with men as well! They're looking for a man who is so confident of his own virility and sexuality that he isn't threatened by Linda and Judy's intimate relationship.

They know any number of men that are excited about having sex with them, but none who are interested in the serious, long-term relationship that both of them crave. Enter handsome billionaire investor/entrepreneur, Thomas Case. He knew Judy when she was dating his distant cousin, David Wells, but kept his distance.

Now he's boldly making his desires--for both Judy and Linda--known! Will he be man enough to weather the resulting firestorm of scandal that threatens to ruin all three of their entangled lives when their ménage a trios lifestyle is suddenly revealed?

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