Author: C. J. Harte

C. J. Harte has lived in many places while growing up, mostly military towns. She was born in New York and still has family there. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Florida with her family cheering when she graduated with her doctoral degree. They suspected she was a perpetual student and were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The college years were the years of civil rights and anti-war protests. She dipped a toe in activism and was soon immersed in women’s and human rights issues: organizing, campaigning, and marching. She developed a passion for equality that drives her today. She discovered there are many ways to be share that activisim. When she moved out to Wyoming she joined a GALA Chorus and let music speak for her. She is the co-lyricist for the musical “Am I Blue” written especially for The Rainbow Chorus, Ft. Collins, Co.

Words have always held a special magic for C.J. Her parents were great story tellers and she quickly learned the importance of a well-told tale. C.J. now lives and writes from her Wyoming home where she lives with her four-footed friends, looking out at the mountains and blue sky. Each day is an adventure and provides fodder for another story.