Author: Brian Thompson

Rather than giving you a canned bio scrubbed free of my personality, I chose to write it.

I work hard to mix inspirational themes and unforgettable characters together in unique stories. The Lost Testament, my debut novel under Great Nation Publishing, is a historical fiction thriller set in the 1960s south. There, a pastor passing for white discovers proof of a resurrected Jesus Christ and uses it to spark a spiritual revolution.

My sophomore effort, The Revelation Gate is a historical fiction/fantasy book named a 2011 favorite read by Amazon 1,000 reviewers Michelle Sutton and Cyrus Webb. It is the story of an enslaved race whose hopes rest on the shoulders of a boy with unbreakable bones.

In April, 2012, I will release The Anarchists: a speculative fiction thriller set in 2050. When a single mom, unemployed engineer, military hopeful, and psychiatrist are struck by tragedy, a supernatural force offers them a chance to improve their lives. Their decisions will either destroy the world or save it.

It’s obvious writing is my first love, but teaching comes in at a close second. I combine them both with Creating A Positive Environment: a training/mentorship platform to lead aspiring writers down the publishing path. Anybody can self-publish or even independently publish, but not everyone does it well. C.A.P.E. shows you how to do both.

When I am not writing, or showing others how to do what they love, I live in East metro Atlanta, Georgia with my family. I’m a fan of old school rap, classic literature, and all the major sports.


The Anarchists

The Anarchists
  • Number: B007IUJJFM
  • Release: 2012-03-08
  • Author: Brian Thompson
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Great Nation Publishing
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After a failed coup, a revolutionary named Noor is exiled and sentenced to die as a lowly earthling. Vowing to rule earth, but separated from his lieutenants, he is forced to use human beings instead.

In the year 2050, tragedy strikes. Harper Lowe loses her son’s father to a last-minute decision. A drunk Damario Coley is maimed in a freak accident. Quinne Ruiz is assaulted and arrested, and Teanna Kirkwood witnesses the death of her daughter.

Weeks later, the alluring Kareza Noor, CEO of the Genesis Institute, pilots a psychological experiment, the “Begin Again” initiative. It affords Harper, Damario, Quinne and Teanna the opportunity to erase a past regret. One of them must be forced into it.

All solve their former problems but create new ones. Noor, now the Prime Minister of Italy, is plotting a dangerous end-game – if they try to stop him, they will be treated as terrorists.

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