Author: Brenna Chase

Brenna Chase was born and raised in Florida. Her first job was as a waitress in a mom and pop establishment while in high school, but at the tender age of eighteen she entered the Army, serving as an Air Traffic Controller, while her weekends were spent traveling around Western Europe.

After completing her tour of duty, she married and spent the next decade and a half as a soldier’s wife, moving to wherever she and her husband were assigned. During that time she attended Cameron University in Oklahoma, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in English. Brenna currently lives in the Midwestern US with her husband and two daughters.

She enjoys classic movies, classic rock, and classic literature, along with the occasional science fiction and fantasy work, knitting, and bicycling when the weather permits. The writing bug took a while to find her, and she began writing in earnest in 2008. When she is not at her laptop tapping away or curled up with a book she can be found plying a pair of knitting needles.