Author: Borislava Borissova

"Affairs of The Heart" is my second published book. It comprises of two love dramas: The Last Secrets of The Ancient Island" and "A Love In A Time of Wars". In them lives all passion I have for history and adventures, time-traveling and thrillers, mysteries and great love.

My young adult fantasy "The Starlight Prince" became my first published book in 2010.

I consider myself a writer by soul because, although I have been working as a Recruiter in the field of Human Resources for years, in my free time, history and writing are the important passions of my life. I am more than happy to share both of them with you! Sofia, Sicily, Istanbul, Rome, Seville, London, New York etc. weaving scenes of legends and secrets, history, journeys, culture and ancient remains are my inspirations as well as stars, galaxies, the whole universe... Million thanks for being with me on my lifelong adventure through the ages, through countless earthly and celestial places, to meet my characters in their settings, to be part of their life... I am content that my imagination have created them. They keep a very friendly company of mine during the long hours of writing. Welcome on the seat next to me and feel the stories!


Affairs of the Heart

Affairs of the Heart
  • Number: B0058JE9VY
  • Release: 2011-06-27
  • Author: Borislava Borissova
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: RoseHeart Publishing
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Two finely-crafted novellas that deal with affairs of the heart. Two stories about love and loneliness, and the unique ways some people deal with them. We are born alone, we die alone but life is our chance to live in love. If possible... or if we so wish..."

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