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Booker T. Huffman

Booker T. Huffman is a commentator for WWE and trainer for the hugely popular reality series WWE Tough Enough. He holds thirty-five major professional titles within WWE, WCW, and TNA. Booker also operates his own wrestling school, Pro Wrestling Academy (PWA), with his brother Stevie Ray, striving to help students ages thirteen and up to achieve their dreams. His nonprofit organization, Booker T. Fights For Kids Foundation, has supported many outreach endeavors, such as the patient-focused campaign of the National Marrow Donor Program®, overseas visits to US troops, and considerable financial commitments to displaced Katrina victims. Booker T. and his wife, Sharmell, reside in Houston with their young twins.


Booker T - From Prison to Promise: Life Before the Squared Circle

Booker T
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  • Number: 9781605424682
  • Release: 2012-08-01
  • Authors: Andrew William Wright, Booker T Huffman
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Publisher: Medallion Press
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A spirited tale of redemption from a seemingly insurmountable life of tragedy and crime, this first autobiography of professional wrestler and TV commentator Booker T. Huffman details his life before celebrity status in the ring. Beginning with Booker T's single-parent upbringing after the passing of his father, this powerful account reveals the gritty reality of his formative years—from the gruesome accident Booker T witnessed at the age of 13 that led to his mother’s death and his subsequent life of abject poverty as an orphan in urban Houston to years of reckless drug use, dealing, and violence that culminated in a five-year prison sentence for robbery. With engaging candor Booker T writes of his refusal to allow his years of crime to cloud his future and his decision to take responsibility for his life and make a positive impact in his community. This intimate profile chronicles his transition from absentee father to locating his child in foster care and taking custody; events that led Booker T to pursue a better life and a career with the WWE by attending World Wrestling Alliance training camp. It also sheds insight into Booker T's relationship with his seven siblings, including his brother and eventual tag team member Lane "Stevie Ray" Huffman.

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