Author: Bobby Cole

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The Rented Mule

The Rented Mule
  • Number: 9781477808603
  • Release: 2014-03-01
  • Author: Bobby Cole
  • Genre: Suspense
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  • Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
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Cooper Dixon should have it made, with a beautiful wife, Kelly, two great kids, and a thriving business, the Tower Agency. But for Cooper, things aren’t turning out how he expected. He and Kelly are caught in a never-ending cycle of arguments—Cooper can’t remember the last time they had sex. And Cooper’s cocaine-addicted business partner, Gates Ballenger, is scheming to sell the Tower Agency out from under him.

As Cooper’s real life becomes increasingly unpleasant, he spends more time dreaming about his gorgeous graphic designer, Brooke, and the untouched acreage owned by his family’s long-time housekeeper, Millie Brown. Although Cooper doesn’t want to sell the Tower Agency, the payout would allow him to buy Millie’s land and create the hunting retreat he’s always wanted.

Cooper is on the verge of making a move that will change his life irrevocably when fate intervenes in the guise of a motley criminal crew made up of a 260-pound former football stand-out, Clarence; a horse-crazy hottie, Jenny; a street-wise computer nerd, Jesse Ray; and Jesse Ray’s cousin on his mother’s side, the Larry King-impersonating, teeth-whitening-strip-addicted Maynard.

When the crew is hired by a mysterious client to kidnap Kelly and set up Cooper to take the fall, Cooper’s life goes completely off the rails. The cops quickly zero in on Cooper as the prime suspect, and the combination of an attractive suburban mother, workaholic husband, and a million-dollar insurance policy makes the case primetime television fodder.

Soon, Cooper’s face is plastered on every TV screen in the country. To rescue Kelly before it’s too late, Cooper must depend on the person who knows him best and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is: Miz Millie.

With Kelly held sedated in the cellar of an abandoned antebellum mansion, Cooper races against time to find her before the crew turns her over to the unpredictable client—whose plan to take down Cooper is far more sinister than anyone could imagine.

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