Author: Blak Rayne

Being a writer and knowing my personality, a long-time friend, who has always enjoyed putting me to the test, dared me to write an erotic novel and not just any erotic novel, but one with a unique twist. I’d never written erotica before and especially a story about two men. But like a fool, I agreed.

Everyone, from friends to strangers read the story and they liked it. In the end, at their instigating, I wrote a second part to the story and now Devotion is complete. On the flip-side, I enjoyed writing the story so much I’ve decided to write more novels in the same genre.

That’s how this book came to be and as for me…I reside North of Sixty, and yes, I am a woman, wife and mother. I’ve been writing and drawing since elementary school and I love anything that involves the arts. As for family, my daughter is my toughest critic and my greatest support!