Author: Beverly Sims

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Caroline's House - Word Count: 108,800

Caroline's House
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  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Beverly Sims
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: BookStrand
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[BookStrand Menage and More #9: Paranormal Romance with Menage M/F/F/M, Group Sex, Spousal Sharing]

Caroline Fleming returns to her hometown and buys the old house that she has loved for years.

It comes with a resident spirit, one Malcolm Hanson, who has been dead for years, and who makes an art form at seduction and lovemaking. He is without scruples, manners, or chivalry in his quest for willing partners, of which there are many.

Caroline's newfound love for Larry Gardner angers the ghost and sets him out for revenge. Caroline and Larry, along with their friends and a beautiful hooker, find a way to handle Malcolm while learning the secrets of the old house that sits high on a hill overlooking the furious Pacific Coast.

They also learn that sex does not have to be for couples only and that love can be shared in many ways.