Author: Berit Beth

Berit Beth is a Danish nurse, born 1954 in Tønder, Denmark.

She grew up in Denmark, just north of the German border.

Together with her husband and their two children she workes and lives in Germany.

She now works in her husband`s clinic in Schleswig-Holstein.

``Like a Feather`` is her debut novel. 


Like a Feather - An Erotic Thriller

Like a Feather
  • Number: 9781467001021
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Berit Beth
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, Erotica, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
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Anne Hudson, a Danish woman in her mid fifties is married to the distinguished Robert Hudson, a British neurosurgeon with an international reputation. She lives a protected life in a country mansion in one of the most attractive parts of the English countryside. Their two adult children live abroad and Anne enjoys the frequent company of her best friend Claudia, who has a foreign origin like Anne.

A perfect life it seems, but behind the facade Anne is homesick and she suffers from the loss of identity. She feels increasingly depressed by her husband`s emotional and physical coldness. She loves and adores him, but he is rarely home and their sexual relationship is non-existent. Anne longs for passion and sexual fulfilment. Feeling lonely, neglected and frightened of getting older she starts a love affair with the attractive, young Chris Kennedy whom she meets at the local pub. Flattered by his obvious interest in her despite her age, she acquires the wildest passion and sexual satisfaction that thirty years of marriage hadn`t fulfilled. Reality soon enters this wonderful relationship as Anne one day gets suspicious after finding a knife which might have a connection to the several women murders in the area...

A perverse serial killer terrorizes the life of the inhabitants in north England and Scotland and Anne`s protected life gets effected by numerous disastrous experiences. After a violent rape and a kidnapping she is confronted with the most appalling find. She fights for her own life. She is about to lose her mental sanity as a post traumatic amnesia strikes her. Weeks later she regains her memory and is released from the post traumatic unit. Her life remains a battle. An unexpected inheritance makes her leave England to settle in Maine, where she endures yet another horrid experience before she finally meets a reliable man in New England to share her life with.

Like a feather she is blown from one side to the other in the desperate search for comfort and shelter. Her incessant fight for life makes her even stronger as she finally learns to cope with reality by setting her own limits.

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