Author: Belladonna Bordeaux

In Belladonna’s formative years she’d heard her mother tell her—an imagination is a terrible thing to waste. That’s what happens when your mother is also an author. In adulthood life took her in a different direction. She became a professional portrait photographer.

Her mother never gave up on her imaginative daughter and finally convinced her to try to write a story. Drawing inspiration from the candid moments that occur in her daytime job, she believes every human being has a story to tell. She writes multi-cultural contemporary romance with emphasis on real life cultural divides, historical, fanta-historical and might even move into the genre of science fiction. First she’ll have to photograph a real live alien.

When not working on her next story she’s out with friends or kills time with her family, but her camera is never far from her side and the next story never far from her thoughts. 

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