Author: Baynns Finnleigh

Baynns Finnleigh’s creative mind never shuts off. Ever since she was a young girl she always had an idea, a project or a goal she aimed to conquer. Her mother always told her it was important to have dreams, keep after them, and never give up.

Before immersing herself into the world of writing and compelling story lines, Baynns was a successful business woman who went on to become a lawyer. But no matter how much she loved her job, her passion to write and create always rose to the surface and continued to pull her down a different path. She’d often joke with her close friends that she was much more right-brained than leftbrained, and the right half keeps winning the tug of war.

Baynns stories are packed with sweeping romances, sexy characters, delicious adventure, and nail-biting danger. You’ll also find messages of hope, faith, the bonds of family, the magic of friendships, the gift of forgiveness and so much more running deep within her character’s and their world. Romance Suspense is her favorite genre.

When Baynns is not typing away on her laptop creating the next enticing romance adventure, preferably on a sunny day by a peaceful pond, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. And like her father insisted during her formative years, she will stop for a moment in the middle of a busy day, take a breath, and give thanks for all the blessings.

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