Author: Barbara Pearson Arau

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Someone's In The Kitchen with Dinah - A Dinah McKinnon Mystery

Someone's In The Kitchen with Dinah
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  • Release: Out of Distribution
  • Author: Barbara Pearson Arau
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Closed - Musa Publishing
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When she moves to the Florida Keys, cooking columnist Dinah finds herself entangled with a wacky group of artists, fishing captains and rednecks, one of whom may be responsible for two grisly murders. Sassy, funny and glib, yet basically compassionate, Dinah becomes the target of someone’s rage as she works on her new cookbook and tries to adjust to the possibility of a new life and a new love. When a hurricane smashes into her island, she is suddenly on the run for her life. Filled with humor, suspense, mouthwatering recipes and crackling dialogue, this is the story of how a gutsy young woman, hoping to heal her own emotional wounds, succeeds in restoring more than one broken spirit.