Author: Barbara Hay

An award-winning author, journalist, and short-story writer, Barbara Hay is the author of the debut young adult novel LESSON OF THE WHITE EAGLE (The RoadRunner Press, October 2011).

For nine years a columnist and contributor to the award-winning Sooner Catholic newspaper, which serves western Oklahoma, Hay has also had articles published in the Tulsa World, Columbia magazine and Women's World Weekly.

She and her late husband, Ron Hay, formed the first Kateri Circle -- with members of the Ponca tribe -- at St. Mary's parish in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

A Maryland native, Hay holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from the University of Oklahoma. The widowed mother of four children, she lives and writes at her home in northern Oklahoma.


Lesson of the White Eagle

Lesson of the White Eagle
  • Number: 9781937054007
  • Release: 2011-10-12
  • Author: Barbara Hay
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: The RoadRunner Press
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All 15-year-old Dusty wanted was to go to his hometown's bash for the 1893 Land Run centennial. Instead, he finds himself a witness to a hate crime, and he's the one driving the getaway car. Now a mystical white eagle has invaded his dreams, making him question everything he thought he knew about Indians and the bonds of childhood friendship. After the white eagle takes Dusty back in time to see the horrors the Ponca people endured on their forced removal from what would become Nebraska to Oklahoma Territory, Dusty must decide whether or not to act on the lesson he has learned from seeing in action one of the first American civil rights activists: the Ponca's own Chief Standing Bear.

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