Author: Barb Drozdowich

My name is Barb Drozdowich and I’m the author of one book so far – The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers and several more are in the works. My day job is helping authors with their blogs and all things social media. I use normal every day language and try to help people understand how to use the new tools of today’s world of publishing – Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, etc. I’m patient and I have upwards of 2 decades of teaching under my belt. I’m comfortable with technology, and I’m a voracious reader. I live in awe of those of you who create the magical stories that I read every day. If you are trying to wade through the technology swamp and are getting bogged down, drop me a line and we can chat.


The Book Blogger Platform - Building Blocks to Author Success 6

The Book Blogger Platform
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Book Blogging - One of the Best Hobbies in the World!Join thousands of book bloggers in expressing their joy of reading!

Are you a book blogger or do you want to be one? Are you having trouble handling the technical details of blogging? The Book Blogger Platform can be a "user manual" for your blog! A book written by a book blogger for book bloggers and that answers all your questions!The Book Blogger Platform covers topics such as:What a book blogger blog needs to containA step by step guide to manipulating images and videosA description of all the common features hosted by book bloggersA description of the social media aspect to a book blogger platformBeing Social - the social aspect of book blogging??? If you are tired of always asking other bloggers questions

Let The Book Blogger Platform guide you painlessly. Over 80 color graphics lead you step by step through some of the more difficult technical issues that bloggers face.Pick up a copy today and approach blogging with confidence!