Author: BJ Knapp

As a former college radio station DJ, BJ was inspired to write this book after asking herself “Whatever happened to all those 80’s rock stars and one-hit wonders?” Her writing career has contributions to RI Fit Magazine. But her prouder achievements are her original angry chick rock songs, usually about bad boyfriends, accompanied by her out of tune guitar. She blogs at

BJ resides in Rhode Island with her husband, Todd, and dogs Nemo and Potter. She is an avid sailor and scuba diver, and also enjoys pretty much any outdoor activity such as hiking and geocaching as well. She has also single-handedly orchestrated hundreds of failed attempts at cooking.


Beside the Music

Beside the Music
  • Number: B01N0Z6XGP
  • Release: 2017-01-08
  • Author: BJ Knapp
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Winner of the 2016 Human Relations Indie Book Award. As they each focus on their own careers, Brenda and Tim face a floundering marriage—and things get even more complicated when eighties metal band Hydra ends up camping out in their suburban Rhode Island home.

Hydra arrives after Brenda, once an ardent devotee, writes a sympathetic fan letter to its troubled leader, Keith Kutter. Now, desperate for a comeback, the band prolongs its stay after Keith finds inspiration for a new song.

But recording an album is a slow process, and the intrusion really bothers Tim. Brenda, however, falls headlong into the irresistible web of rock ’n’ roll. The result—from the brink of promotion at her job, she plummets, almost getting herself fired. When her fed-up husband moves out, she incurs the wrath of her nosy mother-in-law. And the band still won’t leave.

Touring with her favorite band had been Brenda’s cherished teenage dream. In comparison, her normal suburban life looks dreary, and an exciting romance with Keith seems a possibility. Is she willing to give up her home and marriage? Amid the intensifying swirl of uncertainty, Brenda is losing her hold on reality—and something’s got to give. Which life will she choose?

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