Author: Audrey Tremaine

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Spellbound 2011

Spellbound 2011
  • Number: B005TOO1UW
  • Release: 2011-09-30
  • Authors: Jenny Twist, Walt Trizna, Tara Fox Hall, Audrey Tremaine, Isabelle Kane, John Steiner, John Mecom, Tori L. Ridgewood, Joanna Foreman
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, Horror
  • Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
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Melange anthology of eight stories: "Spellbound at Midnight" by Isabelle Kane and Audrey Tremaine, "Room 1309.5" by John M. Mecom, "Mansion of Nightmares" by Walt Trizna, "Uncle Vernon" by Jenny Twist, "Half Seen, Half Hidden" by John Steiner, "Ghost Taxi" by Joanna Foreman, "Telltale Signs" by Tori L Ridgewood, "The Origin of Fear" by Tara Fox Hall

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