Author: Anya Winter

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The Mask - Masquerade Series

The Mask
  • Number: 9781595788658
  • Release: 2011-12-04
  • Author: Anya Winter
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Romantic Elements
  • Publisher: Liquid Silver Publishing
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Eve Manor is a pastry chef with a passion for chocolate and romance. During the annual masked Black & Lace ball, Eve has a plan. She created a signature chocolate dish that was sure to knock the socks off every famous chef and food critic attending the ball. Everything hinges on the night's success.

Christian Grier is a man with a secret. In the foodie world, he's known as the Editor-in-Chief of the famous magazine, Sizzle. When his old college roommate, Josh, asks him to attend the ball his company is catering, Christian intended to turn him down. But when Josh reveals Eve's secret plan, he knew he needed to do everything he could to help. Will hiding behind his mask help in his quest to seduce Eve or will she decide he's not what she wants after all?

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