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In Vein

In Vein
  • Number: B00FCL334M
  • Release: 2013-09-21
  • Authors: Jodie Pierce, Tara Fox Hall, Mark Knight, Ann Snizek, Autumn Starr, Mathias Jannson, Mark Mackey, T.G. Reaper, Geoffry Porter, Zoey Sweete
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Collections & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Vampirical Lyrical
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"In Vein" is a vampire charity anthology book where 100% of the proceeds will go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital!

With 18 authors, you're bound to find a few vampire stories you'll love. From devious vampires, to vampire moms, a child vampire, teenage vampires, King and Queen vampires, a vampire's slave girl, a vampire mob, rednecks attacking vampires, driving vampires, an Eastern European angel of pain, a vampire poem, a dug up coffin, a dental hygienist, a sad vampire tale and a vampire that helps a young cancer boy.

Like I said, something for everyone! Did I mention it's all for charity? The kids, people, the kids!

Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Tara Fox Hall

Heather meets her dream man in a karaoke bar. They sing together and have great sex, but even better is the feel of his fangs sinking into her neck.

Mom, by Mark Knight

Twelve-year-old Caleb starts at a new school. He tries to keep to himself, but finds an insistent friend in Anthony, and arouses the suspicions of the school's guidance counsellor.

The Inimitable Vampire Child, by Ann Snizek

Emma loves catching moths and butterflies, but her uniqueness both makes her dangerous and endangers her.

Blood Genesis, by Mark Mackey

Two day-walking vampire brothers move to Mason, Nevada, to look for eternal mates.

Meet the Sun, by Zoey Sweete

World-weary vampire Serena and aging alpha wolf Lux unite in their hatred of Serena's maker Daniel.

An Arranged Marriage, by Autumn Starr

A wedding banquet with a gothic twist.

The Nutmeg Gang, by Geoffrey Porter

When Jessica takes Z. to a party at a haunted house, things get deliciously spicy... but then they sour.

The Vampire and the Slave-Girl, by Francis James Franklin

When Carolyn arrives at a remote mansion for a job interview, she is horrified to discover herself trapped and enslaved by a perverse mistress.

Space Vampire, by Mark Mackey

When Elizabeth Axelmore indulges in a fantasy of vampire seduction and transformation, the powerful necklace she wears creates a real vampire.

Step In, by Jay Wilburn

In a house of horror lives a vampire ancient and senile. It's up to Vance to confront the ancient one and rescue the humans trapped within - if it's not too late.

We Should Meet, by Errick Nunnally

When you're a hundred-year-old vampire with the body of a sixteen-year-old girl, where better to hunt for dinner than on... Twitter!

Redneck, by Samuel Southwell

Michael and Marie are driving across the country when a gang of local rednecks decides to play with them and things get deadly...

Kristen's Sad Goodbye (or: 'Kristen Flemings in the Sad Goodbye'), by Mark Mackey

Kristen's parents announce that the family is moving to Mason, Nevada, and an alien shapeshifter has taken the place of her evil dead sister.

Vampire Driving School, by Lorna Dounaeva

Desperate for cash, Mandy takes a job as a driving instructor - for vampires.

Behind Frozen Woods, by Mathias Jaanson

A poem... about love for a cold and passionate mistress.

The American Dream Never Really Dies, by TP Keating

A cheerleader coach takes a short cut through a dark, narrow alley and meets a strange young woman.

Katrina, by T.G. Reaper

Virginia finds a body in a coffin buried in the back garden, and her friend Jimmy makes the mistake of removing the wooden stake through the corpse's heart.

Just One Bite, by Laurie Treacy

Dental hygienist Ada feels an increasingly strong attraction to her eccentric patient Mr Ulach.

Nothing is Forever, by Charie D. La Marr

A romantic end to eternal love.

Spontaneous Remission, by Jodie Pierce

A vampire uses his powers to heal.

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