Author: Andrew Pace

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Delightful Hands - His key to her erotic zones

Delightful Hands
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  • Number: B00AM4I5WY
  • Release: 2012-12-10
  • Author: Andrew Pace
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Self-Help
  • Publisher: Pace Publishing, LLC
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Have you ever enjoyed sex to the fullest, including a satisfying climax, only to have a nagging feeling that your partner was left unsatisfied? Or have you ever suspected that she faked her orgasm with you?

You are not alone. In this contemporary world of instant texting and sexting, internet porn, and movies portraying a couple falling into bed (or onto the floor) to have instant sex, what else are we to expect from our sex life? Answer: A whole lot more if we have any common sense, a longer term perspective, knowledge of various effective orgasm techniques, and the courage and skill to practice them with our partner.

The fact is that a majority of couples, married or not, fail to achieve full intimacy and satisfaction from their sex life together. As a result, they are missing out on a hugely enjoyable part of their relationship which is the gentle, unrushed, sober sex that is not only spiritually uplifting and memorable but also acts as a super glue to bond their relationship tightly. In all our experiences, there is no other comparable emotional feeling quite like great sex.

With informative text and photos, this book instructs men on how to use their hands in novel and gentle ways to stimulate their partner’s erotic zones to orgasm instead of relying primarily on their male member which is often not capable because of inadequate size or staying power, or because she is not fully aroused by intercourse alone. Success is all about your hands, not what’s between your legs!

With Delightful Hand’s unique approach to sex, every man can become a great lover, regardless of his penis size. In most cases, his woman will be able to achieve a state of ecstasy, a rapture accompanied by overpowering emotion and exaltation, a feeling of heightened sensations so powerful and engrossing as to produce a trancelike state of mind. She will be elated and forever grateful for her man’s improved erotic skills and will no longer need to fake orgasms. Their relationship will attain the highest level of intimacy and sexual contentment.