Author: Andrea Jackson

Andrea Jackson, the Paperback Diva, writes romance. She has been awarded recognition in several romance writing contests. Her career was launched by the Heart and Soul Aspiring Writer's Contest (Romance Slam Jam, 2002) and publication of her first novel, BODYGUARD, a contemporary romantic suspense in 2004. Her second romantic suspense novel, HAND IN GLOVE, was published in 2005 . Her next project was a light-hearted, but sizzling, romance WHO'S THAT LADY? that came out in the summer of 2007. Andrea's fantasy romances have been showcased by epublishers Tease, Phaze and Midnight Showcase. Her short stories have appeared in various national magazines and on-line.


Who's That Lady? - Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories

Who's That Lady?
  • Number: B008VTMQ2C
  • Release: 2007-06-05
  • Author: Andrea Jackson
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: Indigo
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This light romance takes place in the present day in a mid-size college town. The story revolves around personality conflicts and confusion between close friends as they go through a period of personal and relationship evolution.Crystal Taylor has always described herself as big, bright and boring. Her two best friends since high school are the dazzling siblings, Shonté and Key Emerson. They've always relied on her practical guidance to keep them on track. But things are suddenly changing. Shonté is in hot pursuit of a married man; Crystal and Key stumble into an impetuous one-night stand; and Crystal decides on a makeover that is making men take notice! Crystal is determined that none of this will change her relationships with her friends.Key finds that one night wasn't nearly enough with Crystal, but she is adamant that they can't be friends and lovers at the same time.

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