Author: Andi Bryce

Andi was born in Denver, and raised on the Western Slope of Colorado. Sandwiched between two fabulous brothers, their constant taunting kept her from ever getting too full of herself. In Kindergarten she faked out the other kids, pretending she could read and telling elaborate (read: insanely preposterous) stories. She spent some years in Texas, but returned to the Aspen area where she shares her yard with a herd of elk, and a pair of bald eagles nests just down the road. She is in love with Billy Bob - a one-eyed Boston Terrier who lives next door and professes his love back to her by stealing toys from other dogs in the neighborhood and leaving them on her back patio. For more information, please see


Billionaires Make Bad Lovers

Billionaires Make Bad Lovers
  • Number: 9781940210087
  • Release: 2015-04-06
  • Author: Andi Bryce
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Women's Fiction
  • Publisher: Maiden Lane Press
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In BILLIONAIRES MAKE BAD LOVERS, four slightly spoiled but loveable women blaze a path of destruction through Aspen until an unlikely teacher shows them the way to their highest good. This wonderful debut novel is sure to please readers of smart women’s fiction. Think Jennifer Weiner meets Sophie Kinsella, with a bit Mary Kay Andrews' southern charm and a truly uplifting message. Lucy, left by her husband for a younger woman, has a penchant for stealing things from her ex and drinking too many martinis. Dallas likes to treat her wealthy dates to bathroom sex in some of the nicest restaurants in Aspen. Mary Beth learned to pick locks in boarding school and uses this skill to torment the lawyer of her deceased fiancé. And Cheyenne, a former bartender, lives with a billionaire hedge fund guru who may be trying to implicate her in his Ponzi scheme. Enter Glacier Jones, a serene and centered sculptor who can usually be found sitting at Main Street Bakery. Lucy sees him as a perfect complement to Martini Thursday and a jumpstart to her forgotten libido. But as Glacier begins to gently erode Lucy’s crusty exterior, she learns the lessons that will transform her from a betrayed ex-wife drowning in hurt and anger to a woman on the path to her spiritual awakening. It’s a path fraught with switchbacks, and the lessons won’t be easy. Before the dust settles, they'll all be in danger of sullying their reputations, destroying their relationships, and even losing their sanity - if they had any to start with! “Four desperate housewives of Aspen unexpectedly find enlightenment in this wild romp of a novel” - Cassandra King author of NY Times bestselling novel The Same Sweet Girls.

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