Author: Andi Bremner

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Fated Hearts - Ink Addicted Book 2

Fated Hearts
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  • Number: B07CSZLZ18
  • Release: 2018-05-01
  • Author: Andi Bremner
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Lia Henley is escaping everything she has never known. Leaving behind a broken engagement and a disappointed family, she’s moved across country in search of the passion, desire, and romance she's been missing. And she finds it all in one night, in the arms of Jacob McGaren.

But one night is all that Jacob can offer Lia. He's already got two daughters, a sick mother, and a crazy ex-wife to deal with... he doesn't need a sweet, sexy girl to distract him. A girl who he later discovers is his daughter's new teacher.

But sometimes even those that seem ill-fated have a way of finding love where they least expect it.

Entwined - Elemental Book 1

  • Number: B075TKJZGX
  • Release: 2017-09-20
  • Author: Andi Bremner
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Evernight Teen
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Scouring the Earth for the last two hundred years, Nate has been searching for the half-fairy girl he's been sent to kill. After following clue after clue, he finally locates her in the quiet coastal town of Holyoake. Oblivious to her true identity and destiny, Eve has lived a sheltered life in the care of guardian angels charged with protecting and hiding her from Nate, the fire demon. It's only when Eve turns eighteen and begins to blossom into her true self that she finally learns the truth.

Meanwhile, Nate prepares to kill her, luring her further and further into his snare, only to discover they share a bond. A bond so great that he finds himself falling hard for her. How can they be together when their union will bring all the demons of hell down upon them both?

Damaged Hearts - Ink Addicted Book 1

Damaged Hearts
  • Number: B0744Q53C1
  • Release: 2017-07-20
  • Author: Andi Bremner
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Diverse Books, * Under 45k Words, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Gillian is a talented tattoo artist working in Miranda Harley's successful tattoo studio, Ink Addicted. She's spent the last ten years trying to forget the traumatic events that ruined her life, her marriage, and broke her heart. She knows she’ll never truly be healed, but she's managed to make a decent life for herself. However, all that is about to change when the man who broke her heart years ago, the only man she ever truly loved, walks into the studio, to start work.

Gillian never really got over Alex, and she never truly got over the night that changed their lives and sent them both on a course of loneliness and heartbreak. But maybe time has healed their damaged hearts and together they can find closure in the kind of love that comes only once in a lifetime...

Drummer Girl - Moonstone Book 2

Drummer Girl
  • Number: 9781772339451
  • Release: 2016-07-31
  • Author: Andi Bremner
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Shawna Gill, drummer for the all girl band Moonstone is hiding a shameful secret she can't let anyone find out about...

When an opportunity comes up to play drums on The Lairs new album, Shawna jumps at the chance. Her passion in life is playing percussion. But performing with The Lair means spending time with Adam Wilson, their sexy, arrogant, lead singer who seems determined to antagonize her at every turn.

But as their hate slowly turns into a passion neither of them expected, Shawna is torn between choosing what her heart wants and losing what she has sacrificed everything for. And worse too, her secret could come out and she could lose the one person more important to her than anything.

Trinity - Moonstone Book 1

  • Number: 9781772337945
  • Release: 2016-03-30
  • Author: Andi Bremner
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, New Adult & College
  • Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Trinity Laker is the tough-talking, sexy, and talented lead singer for all girl rock band Moonstone. Broke, emotionally and physically damaged from her relationship with her abusive mother,and sometimes homeless, she doesn’t have the time or energy for romance of any kind. For Trinity, her world revolves around the band.

From the moment she steps on stage, rich boy Luke Morrison is intrigued by her and knows that he has to have her, no matter what secrets he has to keep.

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