Author: Amy Lignor

As the daughter of a career librarian I grew up loving books; 'Patience & Fortitude' at the NYPL were, and still are, my heroes. Beginning with my first book of historical adventure, "The Heart of a Legend," I moved into the YA/Suspense arena with a series entitled: "The Angel Chronicles." However, it was truly the suspense/action world that brought about fan favorites, Leah Tallent & Gareth Lowery. The "Tallent & Lowery" series is what one reviewer called: "The Ultimate Indiana Jones with Heart," and it is exciting to see Amazon Encore re-release the first four tales so that other readers can 'jump on board' with this exciting couple.

Working as an editor in the publishing industry for decades, I am now the Owner/Operator of The Write Companion ( which offers full editing services to authors; I wish to give debut authors, especially, the chance that I've been given. The Editor of Suspense Magazine, I also work as a writer and reviewer for many business, magazines and literary organizations. As a member of the International Thriller Writers Assn. (ITW), I am humbled and constantly honored to be part of a group that has brought ingenuity, thrills, chills, and...heart, to the literary world.

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