Author: Alyssa Breck

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Touched by a Demon

Touched by a Demon
  • Number: B00OTUCGA4
  • Release: 2014-10-22
  • Author: Alyssa Breck
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Supernatural, Erotica
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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When both God and goddess fail her, Gia turns from the light, reaching into darkness to summon a demon. Mason is huge, frightening, powerful…sexual. He’ll show Gia pleasure unlike any she’s ever known—in exchange for her soul.

Her mama always said, be careful what you wish for…

An Exotika® paranormal erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Branded by Sin - Bad Blood Empire, #1

Branded by Sin
  • Number: 9781419991196
  • Release: 2014-07-16
  • Author: Alyssa Breck
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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Sean Black’s penchant for sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll turns deadly when Christy, his occasional bed partner, takes their sexual shenanigans one step too far. There’s blood. Lots of blood. And the next time Sean wakes up, there’s even more on his hands—but not his own. Turns out Christy is a vampire, and the newly turned Sean is forced to watch her execution at the hands of her own mate, Giacomo Francelli.

Thus began Sean’s initiation into the Bad Blood Empire.

Twenty years later, Sean is comfortable with life as a BBE member, hunting bad paranormals and dating Lila, a sweet human who provides him enough sex to kill an average man. But his cozy life is turned upside down when Giacomo becomes an assassin’s target. Lila gets caught in the crossfire, trusts are betrayed, loyalties tested…your basic all-hell-breaking-loose scenario. When the dust settles, the BBE issues an ultimatum for Lila. And that’s when Sean’s real troubles begin…

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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