Author: Alison Beightol

Alison Beightol is a registered nurse and studied history at the University of Florida but these days she works as a realtor. For as long as she can remember, Beightol has had an affinity for vampire stories (she ALWAYS roots for Dracula to win in movies) , romance, and gothic tales that keep her up at night. She lives in Gainesville Florida in a legitimately haunted house with her teen daughter, two sandwich stealing boxer dogs, two rescued cats and her husband Scott M. Baker, who is also a writer. Beightol fills her free time with writing, traveling to lesser known historical sites, maintaining the purple highlights in her hair, and desperately trying to learn to speak German even though her brain defaults to Spanish when she tries. She also never misses an opportunity to hear a really dumb joke or drive super fast. You can find Alison on Facebook at Alison Beightol, Author or on email at She loves to hear from readers!