Author: Alice Bell

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Kiss the Stars - Devon Slaughter, #1

Kiss the Stars
  • Number: B00W8UDDPO
  • Release: 2015-04-16
  • Author: Alice Bell
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Alice Bell Books
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Irresistible desire. Deadly consequences.

Awkward, gifted and lonely, 21-year old Ruby struggles to navigate the social hierarchy at the private academy where she teaches and is shunned by her co-workers. When she encounters Devon—tall, dark and mysterious—she thinks he is a kindred spirit, another lost soul.

With only fractured memories of his past, Devon is lost. He doesn’t know who (or what) he has become. He only knows he possesses strange powers: supernatural strength and speed, the ability to seduce a woman with a single touch.

What Devon doesn’t know can hurt Ruby. He is the most dangerous kind of predator—impossible to resist. He feeds off human emotion and Ruby, haunted by her own troubled past, is the perfect prey.

As Ruby grows weaker, Devon grows stronger.

With her life and her sanity unraveling, Ruby finds herself remembering strange events from her days in a sanitarium where she was treated for anxiety. When she finds an article torn from an old newspaper, with Devon’s picture on it, she is shocked by what she learns. But only Devon comprehends what is truly at stake.

He is broken, designed to put his dark needs before all else. Yet somewhere—buried deep—fragments of his shattered humanity remain. Is Devon still human enough to save Ruby from himself? Or will the monster inside him claim both their souls?

Recommended for 18+ years. Some scenes contain explicit sex.

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