Author: Alexa Day

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Illicit Impulse

Illicit Impulse
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  • Number: 9781419944666
  • Release: 2013-03-06
  • Author: Alexa Day
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Diverse Books, Erotica
  • Publisher: Closed: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
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Years of research have led neuroscientist John March to the creation of Impulse, an experimental drug that suppresses the bonding hormone oxytocin and would allow women to enjoy sex without commitment. Now he just needs a test subject who’s willing to put Impulse through its paces, a woman who’s not afraid to indulge all her sexual desires and then go on record with her experiences. He needs a woman like his best friend Grace. She and her boy toy could solve all John’s problems. If only he didn’t want her for himself…

Grace Foley’s dreams have just come true. Her sex-without-strings arrangement with Tal Crusoe has started to feel a bit complicated. Thanks to Impulse, Grace can keep things friendly while making the most of Tal’s abundant benefits. Too bad she can’t have John too. She’s aching for a little experimentation of her own with the sexy scientist, but wading into those waters could ruin their friendship. Besides, he would never want a girl like her.

An Exotika® contemporary erotica story from Ellora’s Cave