Author: Alana Munro

Born in West Lothian, Scotland on a Spring morning early on the 3rd of May 1981. Alana completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from an Edinburgh University, but her first love was writing. An only child, Alana spent many afternoons reading and writing. Many times she asked her Mother for inspiration and her Mum would think and say, 'write a story about a day at the zoo', and off she would run with a pen and a piece of paper.

After many years of raising beautiful babies, getting lost in piles of dirty washing and drinking her body weight in red wine, Alana penned her first book, Women Behaving Badly.

In recent years the Munro family moved to Australia. They have three adorable sons and a sweet dog named Evie who follows Alana everywhere.

Alana is in the process of writing her second book. Evie is still following her everywhere.

Alana runs a successful online group called Support-a-Writer. The group is open to all writers, bloggers and poets. The group offers lots of support and lots of creative ways to market writing.

She also has a website dedicated to her writing. Go to for more information on Alana.