Author: Alan Bassett

Alan Bassett, also known as Premesh, is a historian, therapist, novelist, and world wanderer.

The Ashoka Chronicles Trilogy was inspired by the author’s ten years in India, his meditations with Osho, and his travels through India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia.

For the past two decades, Premesh has been leading transpersonal therapy and meditation groups in Europe, India, Brazil, and the United States. He presently lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with his lovely partner Meerananda, where he devotes most of his time to writing visionary fiction novels and short stories. 


The Buddha Conspiracy - The Ashoka Chronicles, #1

The Buddha Conspiracy
  • Number: B0051WQI12
  • Release: 2011-05-12
  • Author: Alan Bassett
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Supernatural, * Fantasy, * Science Fiction, Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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“The entire planet will be plunged once again into the Dark Ages. The history of the coming years will inflict itself as an ugly mimicry of all that was before: crusaders and infidels, inquisitors and heretics, gods and devils, witches and priests. The only difference will lie in the scale of this enormous inferno of suffering and persecution, death and destruction. There is a cabal of mystics in the Himalayas, however, that has been working for millenniums to avert such a Debacle…” - Tibetan Master Cheogh-tse

During the first quarter of the twenty-first century, religious fanaticism threatens to provoke a cataclysmic world war. When a British anthropology professor and his research assistant travel to India, they encounter a cabal of mystics that is plotting to avert the holocaust by precipitating a quantum leap in the evolution of human consciousness. Through a series of stunning revelations, the professor and his student discover their predestined roles in the Buddha Conspiracy, and they must transcend their mistrust, their fears, and ultimately the limits of their rationality to transform the world according to a design created 2,500 years ago.

The conspirators have the power to stop the global holocaust, but will their Design for the future be the Utopia they have promised, or will it create a brave new world enslaved by the dictates of a theocratic tyranny. One man must choose: either trust the Buddha Conspirators or sabotage their master plan.The fate of the human race depends on his decision.

A love affair that spans the centuries, two families divided by love, hate, and the lust for power, and a secret society bent on undermining the political and religious foundations of the world order are the potent elements of this apocalyptic tale of Eastern mysticism, international intrigue, and global war. In a colorful weave of fact and fantasy, this epic saga transports the reader into a rich tapestry of characters and time periods, past lives and ancient prophecies, and exotic locations.

The Last Turn of the Wheel - The Ashoka Chronicles, #2

The Last Turn of the Wheel
  • Number: B00520K99K
  • Release: 2010-11-10
  • Author: Alan Bassett
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Supernatural, * Fantasy, * Science Fiction, Suspense: Mystery
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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"The holocaust will begin in the year 2013 and reach the peak of its devastating fury in 2019. For the two years that follow, the fate of humankind will hang in the balance. In the year 2021, all will be decided. This world will either dissolve into the nothingness from whence it came, or our Grand Design will have succeeded in awakening the new dawn of consciousness on Earth." - Master Jyangtzu

During the first quarter of the 21st century, three superpowers vie for world domination: the Western Coalition, the Islamic Union, and the Empire of China. A fourth force has emerged from obscurity that threatens to disrupt the balance of power and radically change human destiny. The Ashoka Circle of Nine, a secret society of mystics in the Himalayas, possesses an energy source alien to this planet, a highly condensed, volatile element said to make nuclear bombs look like child's play.

The Age of Religious Wars begins with the first exchange of nuclear missiles between the superpowers.The Ashoka Circle of Nine instructs the Buddha Conspirators to set their Grand Design into action, a plan that was created 2500 years ago. Chang-po Trangh, the world's most wanted terrorist, is commissioned to transport the doomsday element from London to Kashmir. Chang travels by caravan along the ancient Silk Road through the world's most forbidding deserts and mountains, surviving attacks by British, French, and Muslim agents.

A host of intelligence agencies from Asian and Western nations are in search of the conspirators and their weapon of mass destruction, but the two competitors most obsessed with capturing the ultimate power source on Earth are Sir Edward Hargreave, a British diplomat, and Count Jean de Rochefort, the French ambassador to Thailand.

Chang is able to elude his pursuers and transfer the weapon to two of his fellow conspirators, but they are not so fortunate. Jason Hargreave, the son of Sir Edward, and his wife Jennifer, the daughter of De Rochefort, are attacked by Blackwater mercenaries on a desolate road in northern India and left for dead. The mercenaries seize the weapon but are in turn attacked and killed by the Abraca-bin, a tribe of desert warriors. The bodies of the conspirators are transported to Mount Nanda Devi by the Abraca-bin and their weapon is handed over to the Sufi prophet Ali al-Fatah Jazir.

Courtney Lethbridge, a former CIA agent and State Department adviser, is appointed director of the new agency responsible for investigating the Buddha Conspiracy and capturing the conspirators and their weapon. When he discovers that his former mentor Jyangtzu, a Tibetan master, and his stepdaughter's natural father, the famous anthropologist Arthur Asquith-Doyle, are both implicated in the Conspiracy, Courtney finds himself in a compromising situation. When he travels to India to investigate, his car is bombed by terrorists.

Abu bin Salaam, caliph and supreme ruler of the Islamic Union, announces a Jihad against the Western Coalition and launches a nuclear attack on Europe and India. The President of the United States fails to commit American military forces against the Islamic Union and instead prepares a preemptive nuclear assault against the Empire of China.

The Ashoka Circle of Nine decides on a counter initiative to prevent the annihilation of the human race. They initiate the Last Adept who must stop the Wheel of Time and open the portal to the Fourth Dimension of Consciousness. Failure is not an option, but not even the Ashoka Circle of Nine can know or control the outcome.

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