Author: Adrianna Morgan

Adrianna Morgan was blessed with a mother who loved a good ghost story. In addition to being raised listening to stories of ghosts, weres and other things that go bump in the night, Adrianna fostered a love for Stephen King and Nora Roberts and has decided to blend the two for her own characters. She lives in Florida with her husband and four dogs. 


Layla - Blue Moon Trilogy: Prologue

  • Number: B005FQMYQW
  • Release: 2011-08-02
  • Author: Adrianna Morgan
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Romantic Elements, Supernatural
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Every 19 years a blue moon occurs on New Years Eve. Those with Werewolf blood are imbued with incredible power. But they are also at their most vulnerable. Layla is about to turn 10. She has no idea of her family history or her famous lineage, but there are others in the dark who know. And are waiting.

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