Author: Adena Halpern

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The Ten Best Days of My Life

The Ten Best Days of My Life
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9780452289406
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Adena Halpern
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Penguin Group
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A heavenly novel about what truly matters in life

In this hilarious and heartwarming first novel, twentynine- year-old Alexandra Dorenfield suddenly finds herself in heaven after an unfortunate encounter with a Mini Cooper. The seventh-and highest-level of heaven to be exact. Her dog Peaches is with her; she is reunited with her beloved grandparents; she has the wardrobe of a movie star; and she lives in the house of her dreams next door to a handsome guy. This is heaven!

But there's a catch. Alex must prove she led a fulfilling existence by writing an essay on the ten best days of her life- or she will be demoted to a lower level of heaven, where the clothes are last year's styles, the men aren't quite as handsome, and worst of all, Peaches and her family won't be nearby. Witty and inspiring, this divine debut novel dares to ask a material girl-and the rest of us-what makes life precious.