Author: Abby Morris

I grew up in south Georgia, but lived in Atlanta and other cities most of my life. My current home on the coast of Georgia permits me to smell the sea air, enjoy the view of the marsh and water, and feel warm almost year-round. My closest daily contacts are with my husband, our miniature white cat, the deer who lay about my yard like dogs, and the sunsets too beautiful to describe. Most of my adult life was spent in the steel and stone towers of the financial world, where the thrill of the business deal was more important than any coastal backdrop could ever be. I loved the excitement, the shopping, and the great food the city offers, but I always came back to this place to unwind and feel real again.

Now that live here all the time, I find I want to write stories about the people I knew as a child, recounting the sometimes-scandalous and always-entertaining tales of numerous errant cousins, aunts, uncles, and others who passed before me. Because my writing does come from so close to home and some of the people still live, I have chosen the pen name, Abby Morris, for stories that might possibly give anyone I care about an uneasy feeling that the writer has betrayed a trust. In fact, no betrayals lie behind my fiction, because most of the stories did not come to me from the person at the core of the tale. I write about the legends found in every family, the truth as someone saw it at some point, embellished by my all-too-rich imagination and my interpretation of what must have happened. However, because of my desire for anonymity, I haven’t gone into much detail about my 'real' self—I hope the reader sees ‘me’ in the words I write. 


Disturb The Universe

Disturb The Universe
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  • Author: Abby Morris
  • Genre: Romance
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Lauren and Charlie become instant best friends their senior year in high school.
These beautiful, well-bred, and privileged young people fit into the arcane Savannah society as naturally as the aristocratic generations who preceded them.

During the next ten years, Lauren realizes she loves Charlie with a burning passion, beyond simple friendship. He loves her, but his sexual interest lies elsewhere. She knows her path to a normal life—marriage, children, a home — may have to be with someone else. But, how can she bear to give up Charlie?

At a friend’s wedding, Charlie surprises her with a passionate declaration of love and a romantic proposal. For a brief precious time, her life is sheer joy. Then, at their engagement party, she overhears a few shattering words that answer all her unasked questions. She strengthens her resolve to have her happy ending—to rise above whatever may get in the way.