Author: Aasiyah Qamar

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Light My World

Light My World
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  • Author: Aasiyah Qamar
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
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Life's good until it throws you the one curve you never wanted or expected.

At twenty-four, Diya Hemant faces the prospect dreaded by every modern Indo-Mauritian girl – an arranged marriage to not end up an old maid. But for vivacious and live-life-in-the-fast-track Diya, giving in to her mother’s antiquated morals was never an option. Hearth, home and children weren’t part of her plan for the short-term, even if she’d love to find her Mr. Right.

Widower Trent Garrison has already been there and done that, and has no plan to go down that road again. He has to ride the straight and steady for the sake of his sons, and nothing will divert him. Marriage, attachment, and love are not in the cards for him, not ever.

Neither can afford a U-turn. But they can't dodge it either.