Author: AKM Miles

Akm Miles loves characters. A good story line is great, she figures, but if you don’t care anything about the characters, why would you care what happens to them? That’s pretty much why and how she writes.

She loves, absolutely loves, to hear from readers. She’s quite tickled when the emails she gets all say something along the lines of…”When is Daniel going to get a story?” or “I’m still waiting for Gom’s story?” What about Randy, the boy that Brack and Austin helped. Will he get a story, too?” and “You are going to write one about Mark and Wade, aren’t you?”

That shows that people love the characters in AKM’s books and that’s why she writes. She loves it when readers love her guys. Often called for being too mushy or romantic or sweet and told that guys don’t talk like that, she replies, “Actually, yes, they do.” Her motto is ***love is love*** and she believes that guys do feel deeply and care deeply and if they’re happy people, they don’t mind sharing that love. It’s a good thing.

AKM is even more thrilled when someone writes to tell her they liked a book, or that a particular character touched them in some way. What could be better for a writer? Getting a good review from someone who does reviews for a living is beyond wonderful. Getting a positive response from a reader or a fan touches her deeply. She is grateful for having received both throughout her career and hopes to get more of the same. It’s what she strives for as she writes daily.

Personally? AKM has been a special education teacher (for 27 years) and a sales rep for a gourmet foods company (for about 6 years). But author? That’s a very exciting direction that her life has taken and fills her with absolute joy. 

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