Author: AJ Vega

"Inspired at an early age by the works of Jack Chalker and Timothy Zahn, AJ is a part time freelance writer and full time computer geek. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science and is hard at work on both a prequel to Majesty’s Offspring titled Age of Majesty and a new alternate history, paranormal/sci-fi novel called Soul Census.

AJ resides in a cave surrounded by figments of his imagination who guard him from human contact so that he can continue to focus his energy on his writing, doing 3D modeling and art, and sometimes even playing a video game or two.

Occasionally however, his family—comprised of a wife, two kids, a cat and dog—will battle their way past his minions to drag him out of this cave and into the real world… rumored to be somewhere in the southern parts of North America.

When not in front of the keyboard, AJ enjoys spending time with his family, biking, running, traveling and restaurant-hopping— sometimes all in the same day. His dream is to make enough money from his novels to actually afford a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee— an unusual measure of success.