Author: A.P. Kasch

I hope you have as much fun reading my books as I have writing them. I am a fan of fast-moving stories which read like a roller-coaster, giving the reader just enough time to catch their breath before the next rush. As you may have guessed, I am also a big fan of history, and fictional stories which include a bit of a history lesson. I feel this adds an interesting element to any novel.

As human beings, our own life's experiences, combined with stories told from close friends and family, sit in our minds and shape the way we see the world. This is why reading is so enjoyable and so beneficial. Besides being a temporary escape, reading allows us to reap the benefits of other people's experiences. The only other way to do that is to get out there and do a lot of living, which is what I wish for you. Maybe someday I will be able to enjoy one of your books.

I get most of my ideas for stories while walking on the beach with my wife, who is my greatest inspiration.

Take care,

A.P. Kasch