Author: A & E Kirk

Alyssa loves animals (the family currently has two dogs, a cat, and a horse), anime, music, and action packed movies, plays board games, watches too much TV about supernatural beings and starring hot guys (preferably shirtless), and adores carbs so forces herself to exercise. Usually with her "little" brother, the 6'2", 4% body fat, totally ripped, 48 beats-per-minute resting heart rate, way-too-into fitness, soccer superstar - yeah, she hates that about him too.

Eileen loves much of the same stuff (other than anime, although she does enjoy the one where the characters often say, in a highly dramatic voice, "Dammit!"), has been married to the same guy for 25 years (prefers him shirtless), raised (barely survived) three crazy and adorable children, and loves to cook (mostly things with chocolate).