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  • Q & A with Karis Bell - Melting Pot

    Happy New Year, dear reader! I thought I should kick off the New Year with a new type of post. In December, I sat down with brilliant-brand-spanking-newly-published author Karis Bell to talk about love, life, publishing, and writing diverse historical...

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  • A Distant Heart Video #Bollywood

    Hi Readers,  Today we have a fun way to find out about a book. Sonali Dev's book trailer is below. Filled with beaches, you will be dreaming of summer. Well I am. A Distant Heart Buy Now Her name means “miracle” in Sanskrit, and to her...

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  • Paranormal Romance For a New Year

    I think 2017 flew by faster than any previous year. Probably because I was busy constantly. First, getting my daughter ready to graduate, scholarship applications, financial aid, college applications, senior photos, etc., then she graduated and we were...

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  • Romance Book Scavenger Hunt Sign Up

    Most readers choose their next book by reading a book blurb and seeing a cover. It's as simple as hooking them on your book. Let your book be their next great read by being a scavenger hunt sponsor. Summer Fun Spots Closed!  Event Dates: June 6 -...

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  • How to Use Fiction to Tell the Truth by Shana Figueroa (Romance Author University)

    What if I told you the best fiction was all about telling the truth? “But Shana, it’s fiction! ” you might respond. “It’s not real! How is my erotic paranormal romance about shapeshifting unicorns supposed to tell the truth...

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